St. Mark's Cathedral 2015

Part of the mission of City of Bells is to assist with restoration of existing bronze bell installations. Our very first project was an such an endeavor: the complete restoration of the 24-bell Paccard Carillon at Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis.


The Saint Mark's carillon, installed in two phases in 1998 and 2000, fell into disrepair in recent years as the cathedral congregation experienced a difficult transition in clergy leadership. Energy and funds went into other priorities. Now, the congregation has healed, new leadership is in place and Saint Mark's wasready for its bells to ring out again as an outward sign of the renewal of the congregation of its re-dedication of service to the city.


After hearing about our new organization, the Cathedral Dean, the Very Rev. Paul Lebens-Englund, sought our help. After initial discussions, he asked us to spearhead the entire project, including fundraising and coordination with the Paccard Bell Foundry.


The project cost is $37,200. City of Bells brought $15,000 in outside funds to the project through the generosity of two anonymous donors. The remainder of the funds were donated by two Saint Mark's families, who were original donors to the bell project in 1998 and 2000.


Restoration work was completed the week of October 26. The carillon will be rededicated and sounded again publicly during an outdoor ceremony following on Sunday, November 1.