major bell installations in the twin cities

Traditional Carillons* (Cast Bells Played with a Manual Clavier Keyboard)


Central Lutheran Church


47 Bells (2005: Paccard)


House of Hope Presbyterian Church

Noyes Memorial Carillon

Saint Paul

49 Bells (1923, 1951, 1959, 1985, 1991: Michiels, Petit & Fritsen, Bigelow, Paccard)



Non-Traditional Carillons (Cast Bell Instruments with Electric Keyboards)


Breck School

Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Golden Valley

24 Bells (Paccard)


North Hennepin Community College


25 Bells (Petit & Fritsen)


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral


24 Bells, including the Valentine Peal (1998, 200: Paccard)


Church of St. Louis, King of France

Saint Paul

24 Bells (Paccard)


* A carillon is defined as an instrument of at least two octaves.


Above Information Provided by the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America



Other Installations


City Hall, Minneapolis, 15 Bells (Meneely,  Petit & Fritzen)

Church of the Holy Childhood, Minneapolis, 12 Bells (Petit & Fritsen)

St. Olaf Catholic Church, Minneapolis, 9 Bells (Meeneley Bell Works) 

Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, 6 Bells (Royal Eijsbouts)

Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, 5 Bells (Paccard)

We are working to identify all bronze bell installations in the area. More to come.